Older woman dating younger

11 Jun

Although I have never dated an older woman, I would welcome the experience. I feel people have not fully realized themselves and should continue to work on themselves instead of looking for what's missing in someone else. Anne: Not at all, but I am a woman in her forties and I often start with myself as a point of reference as a writer.

I'm on a journey of self-exploration and when I meet someone, I look for an awakening of the mind, spirit and soul. I like to write about love and make people feel connected to characters who are going through real-life experiences, and they can relate to people are willing to take more risks for love.

When you find a deep connection, it has nothing to do with age or sex. What advice would you share with women and men who find themselves in an older woman/younger man relationship?

Anne: I've had enough experience in my life to know that when love comes, it just comes and, you can fight it or you can go with it.

Technical enquiries made way for philosophical ruminations.

Several conversations and coffee breaks later, Mona and Bala realised what was brewing between them was something more than fondness.

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What're the biggest misconceptions people have about older women dating younger men?

Gustavo: In terms of my character, it’s a deeper journey. He has to take a hard look at himself and make the difficult decision to be honest in his relationship -- if he wants it to lasts.

He gets challenged about his past, and so does Michelle. Two people meet and they have their pasts they have to overcome, in order to move forward.

But taking it to the altar level, that’s a whole new season worth of complications. I take all of the characters on a deeper journey of dealing with their darker truths, the things that weren't discussed in season one, the things people leave out during the honeymoon phase of their relationship.

Anne Marie and Gustavo give a little sneak peek of season two and explain why older woman/younger man relationships are so misunderstood. In season two, all masks are off, and when they aren't, they get removed by somebody else.